Michael Yeats is an American bow maker living in the Netherlands. His formative years included music and working with materials, including nearly all species of wood and non-ferrous metals. His instrument making career began in 1975 as an apprentice for a baroque and renaissance lute maker. He has made and repaired instruments as varied as guitars, concertinas, and pipe organs. In 1987 he began his focus on bows by working for William Salchow in New York. In 1989 he started his own business repairing and restoring some of the finest bows in the world. These 15 years in New York laid the foundation for his current bow making career.

Over the past 30 years he has studied, sought out and sourced only the finest wood for bows. He believes that the best performing bows may only be made from the finest pernambuco.

In 2014 he moved his business to the Netherlands but visits New York City at least twice a year to meet with his clients. His bows are known for their clarity, definition of sound and superior playing qualities.

In addition to bow making, Michael enjoys a good mystery, a great vintage fountain pen, and all things that reflect a creative mind.