Restoration and Repair



Michael has decades of experience restoring and repairing bows made by the greatest bow makers. He is an expert on camber, playability, and broken head repair. Although Michael’s focus is on making his own bows, he will consult on camber and playability issues and make adjustments on any bow. Other types of repairs are accepted only for bows of historical significance. He has a particular passion for restoring old French bows.

Broken Head Repairs

Michael has repaired hundreds of bows with broken heads, ranging from Francois Tourte to student bows, successfully restoring the bows to their original playability. He routinely provides documentation for insurance purposes. As a consideration for your loss, a credit for the full amount of the head repair cost is applied toward the purchase of a new Michael Yeats bow.

Bow Tip Replacement

Given the ban on commerce and transportation of elephant ivory and recent restrictions on mammoth ivory in the states of New York and New Jersey, a tip replacement service is now offered for fine bows. All new bows destined for the U.S. will be made with thin, silver tips. No pins are used as they can compromise the integrity of the head.


Bow rehairs are available only for Yeats bows or as part of restoration services.


Damaged bows of historical significance, as well as select bow parts, are occasionally purchased for use in future restorations. Please contact Michael if you are interested in selling such bows or parts of bows.